Product Strategy

Decision making

Decide Better for College

College students makes some of the most critical decisions that will impact the rest of their lives, yet they are all too frequently ill prepared to make these decisions. Published in 2009, this book helps high school seniors and college students make better decisions and improve the rest of their lives.

Business Decisions

Published in 2009, this is a practical yet creative guide to better business decisions.. With endorsements by for American Airlines CEO, Bob Crandall, and the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, this has become the go-to book for executives to improve decision making.

Product Strategy for high technology companies

Accelerating your business to web speed

This updated version to the original book introduced new examples and expanded on the original concepts that were successfully applied by so many high-technology companies. It also expanded on concepts for leveraging growth.

Product Development

Decide Better for a Better Life

Published in 2008, this insightful book provides 90 decision making tips and techniques, each described with fun and interesting examples.

Additional books from Michael E. McGrath

Product Strategy for high technology companies

Focuses on product platform strategy, including updated examples and new concepts from the original introduction of this concept in the Product Strategy book.

Next Generation Product Development

This book published in 2004, takes the product development process to an entirely new level by providing a road map on how R&D performance can be doubled again through the use of information technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions

Setting the PACE
in Product Development

This groundbreaking book published in 1996 describes the revolutionary product development process, PACE, which enabled more than 1,000 global companies cut time-to-market in half.

Product Strategy for high technology companies (1994)

The original version published in 1994, introduced new concepts in product strategy, including product platform management, platform life-cycle management, and vectors of differentiation.