Autonomous Vehicles

Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions

A good video demonstrating how an AV works from Waymo.

A video showing Tesla avoiding accidents while in autopilot mode.  Note there have been some comments that some of these may not be real Tesla autopilot situations, but most look realistic.

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Tesla March 2018 Accident

CBS News broadcast showing how a Tesla may have swerved into a barrier that caused a fatal accident where the driver did not take control as required in this mode. It suggests that the white line marking on the highway were not clear, possibly causing the autopilot to confuse what lane it was in and try to reposition itself in the wrong position. (1.07)

AV Simulation

A good video from rFPro that shows how simulations can test AVs and help develop them.  (Apr 3, 2018 2:45)

Autonomous Vehicle Videos

This section contains selected videos depicting the autonomous vehicle experience.