Autonomous Vehicles

Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions

Michael E. McGrath is a successful technology consultant, executive, and author. He is a founder of PRTM, one of the most successful global consulting firms on technology development and strategy. At PRTM he created the firm’s consulting practice in product development and strategy with the well-known PACE process.

He is a former CEO or Chairman of three publicly-traded technology companies. He led the turnaround of software company i2 Technologies in 2005 and later served as chairman of Entrust. He currently serves on the board of directors of National Instruments.

In addition, he authored seven books on strategy and decision making. His best-selling book, Product Strategy for High-Technology Companies, introduced strategic concepts for product-platform strategy, core strategic vision, vectors of differentiation, and leveraged growth. His decision-making books include: Business Decisions, Decide Better for a Better Life, and The Wit and Wisdom of Decision Making. His books on product development include: Product And Cycle-time Excellence and Next-Generation Product Development.

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