Autonomous Vehicles

Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions

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Autonomous Vehicles will change our fundamental lifestyles, and in doing so they create what are perhaps the most significant opportunities of this century. The benefits are unprecedented. The challenges are sizeable but not insurmountable. As desrbied in this book, the disruptions will be incredible.

This site provides a resource for those interested in autonomous vehicles

The center of this is the book, Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions, written by a successful consultant and author on technology strategies. It provides unique insight and perspective on the autonomous vehicles:

  • See how lifestyles will change as transportation of changed for everyone.
  • Learn about the autonomous driving, what it means, and the technologies that make it possible.
  •  Consider the unprecedented benefits that autonomous vehicles will bring.
  • Discover autonomous ride services and how this will become one of the largest industries ever, and at the same time one of the biggest disruptions ever.
  • Explore the expected strategies of the companies competing for these exciting markets.
  • Understand the disruptions that will be created because of autonomous vehicles and the markets shifts they bring.

This site also supplements the book with access to reference materials, videos, and an updated discussion of issues.